TABS International : Together • Achieving • Believing • Sustaining

Based in the UK, TABS International raises funds to support a small Christian Education and Community project in Kiandutu in Kenya. The charity has been running since 2007 and also offer’s disadvantaged people form the UK the chance to work there as volunteers. TABS have built strong links and relationships with the local community and all our work is directed through our sister NGO on the ground; TABS Kenya. We fundamentally believe that sustainable change can only be bought about by working in partnership with people living in the communities we are supporting, and through their idea’s, ingenuity, passion and faith we can be a part of something amazing.

From Small beginnings…….

‘I first saw Kiandutu in the slums of Thika in 2002, it lived up to its name – the place of dirty people. It was squalid with little hope. We began to work with the church to find a small piece of land for a school, a church and a community centre. Today the school has 11 classrooms and over 200 hundred pupils. We’ve set up a local organisation to run the services, and started to give volunteers from disadvantaged communities in the UK the chance to help. Now we are extending the site in order to develop social enterprise to sustain the project’. Rachel Sanders, Founder, TABS International


Together working in partnership with local people to agreed objectives.


Achieving improvements in individuals and the communities in which they live.


Believing that our Christian basis and ethos underpins and shapes all that we do.


Sustaining through practical support by enabling and empowering communities to grow and develop.