February 2023 monitoring visit

On 18th February 2023, Tabs chair Ellen and lifelong supporter Rosemary travelled to Kiandutu for a trustee monitoring trip. They visited the school and were treated to dancing performances from the children and some poetry readings. Ellen and Rosemary met with Moses, Alice, and the teaching team for an update on the children’s academic progress. Later in the week, they travelled to see the newly purchased land which will be the new secondary school.

Trustees monitoring trip February 2022

On 20th February, Ellen, Jenny and Chris travelled to Kiandutu for a short but productive monitoring trip to the Springs of life school. They met with the staff at the school to hear how they were getting on and address steps moving forward for the students and the school. They also had the opportunity to meet with the trustees of TABS Kenya to discuss plans for the future of the school.

September 2019 monitoring visit

On the 8th of September, 3 TABS trustees took 8 amazing friends to visit our project in Kiandutu. There was a lot of painting ,a lot of building and some dancing but an amazing experience was had by all! We are truly amazed at the progress made with the school and it was great to be able to be together, worship together and work together on the future steps for the springs of life TABS international school.

September 2018 monitoring visit

Kath and Rachel from the TABS International Board went see how things were getting on the projects. They met with our TABS Kenya Trustees and staff from the school in Kiandutu.

2017 Kenya

In November 2017 2 trustees went on a monitoring visit to see how the project is getting on and to meet with our TABS Kenya partners.  A group of Friends of TABS supporters who have been supporting the charity for a long time went with them to see first hand how their money is spent!

2015 Kenya

In November 2015 four of the trustees and a small group of supporters went a monitoring visit to the project. This purpose of the trip was attend the AGM of our TABS Kenya partners and plan for the next stages of development.

2013 Kenya

In May 2013 we took a team of volunteers including 3 young people, 4 trustees and 4 friends of TABS volunteers. The aim was to build a new set of buildings for the expansion of the school. We had bee fundraising for the previous year to pay for this development which culminated the trip.

2011 Kenya

An 11 strong team made up of 6 TABS team leaders and 5 young TABS volunteers spent 2 weeks fetching water, mixing cement by hand, and helping the local builders to build a new school building in the project.

2010 Kenya

In 2010 a small group of TABS trustees went on a monitoring trip to see how the project was getting on and to plan for the next volunteer trip the following year.

2008 Uganda

In August 2008 TABS visited a project called the Quicken trust in Kabubbu, Uganda. We had been planning to go Kenya but had to make other arrangements due to disturbances caused by elections. We took a team of 4 young people and 4 trustees to volunteer on the School site. Our project was to paint the inside of a new dormitory.