John McCallum : TABS Trustee

John McCallum lives in Warwickshire and has spent the past 30 years working in the voluntary sector with local, national and international charities. Part of Johns role as a Trustee in TAB’s is to offer practical fundraising support and guidance. Most of his career has been in support of faith based community development specialising in helping places of worship and community groups meet social need and make environmental and heritage improvements.. He is employed by St Philips Centre coordinating the East Midlands work of the Near Neighbours Programme.

John’s past and his future with TABS International

As well as delivering faith awareness training in schools and churches, John leads fundraising and governance workshops for Near Neighbours in multi ethnic and disadvantaged communities across England. He has a Cert. in Fundraising Advice, a B.Sc. in Environmental Studies and an M.A. in Interfaith Relations.