We have developed 3 phases of development going forward :

1) Immediate goals: land,  playground and more…

  • To purchase an adjoining piece of land to create a play-ground for the children and to build 2 training workshops and enterprise buildings. This will enable us to offer training to young people who want to learn a trade rather than pro-gress their education, as well as earn money for the project. We estimate the cost of this to be approx. £30,000
  • To increase our financial contribution to the project from the current £1,500 per month to £2,500 to pay for additional staff, resources and food needed to achieve a full 8 Standard School.

2) Medium term goals: new school to benefit the community

  • To acquire land to build a secondary school for the slum so that children can progress their education. Most of the teachers in the project live in Kiandutu, contributing to the local economy, supporting their community and setting examples of how aspirations can be achieved. A secondary school would really benefit the local community.

3)Long term goals: social enterprise

  • To develop a network of social enterprise that supports the work of a number of projects in Kenya. Our aim is to build sustainability so our partner projects become able to determine their own futures.