The Spring Life School in Kiandutu

TABS trustees have recently returned from a monitoring trip to Kenya. The purpose of the trip was to check on the progress of the work being undertaken at the Spring of Life School in Kiandutu, Thika and to work with our TABS Kenya Trustees to plan for the next phase of development. We also took the opportunity to visit our friends in South Nyanza and visit the project in Rongo District.

From slum to education

We are delighted to report that the project in Kiandutu is making wonderful progress. All classrooms have now been completed thanks to the hard work of our volunteers on the trip in 2013 and our Kenyan partners. As a result we now have 262 children from the slum who are receiving education and a nutritious lunch every day they are at school. The school has developed a very positive reputation within the slum and has achieved credibility and support.

Donations have helped

None of that would have been possible without donations, fundraising, support and prayers of all of you who contribute to TABS International, or without the dedication and selfless contribution being made by the project staff and trustees in Thika, who make many personal sacrifices to ensure the children benefit. We look forward to welcoming new children in January 2016 as the new school year starts and the current Standard 5 children move to Standard 6.