These are the next fundraising events planned by TABS

We will be listing fundraising activity on our website so ideas can be shared and progress seen.
As well as increasing our target of £2,000 per month for Kiandutu we want to raise funds for the Playground, a new secondary school and social enterprise activity.

Help raise money whilst doing the Christmas shopping!

You can begin by using online Christmas shopping to raise money without it even costing you a penny!
Do this by subscribing to Visit their website and register as a donor by creat- ing an account. Don`t forget to tick Gift Aid if that applies to you and install the donation reminder. Every time you shop on line at partner retailers which include Apple, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer among many others, you can select to make a donation to TABS International. The retailers you have shopped with then make a donation to TABS. Nothing could be easier and we benefit hugely. So, lets see if we can use our Christmas shopping to make a significant contribution to the playground in Kiandutu.
Wouldn’t that be a wonderful Christmas present for the school.

African detox for Post Christmas

And when all the Christmas festivities are over for another year look out for our African detox! as well as an annual `Friends of Tabs` trip to Kenya in September 2016 to visit the project and see how money raised is spent and the difference it makes.