Candidates selection

This years selection process came round so fast, before we knew it we had identified 10 successful candidates who are now well on their way to sorting out their jabs and raising their money. Phew!

Learning from experience for selection

We started by reviewing our processes with the volunteers from our 2010 trip, who gave us some really fantastic feedback. This has helped us to improve the experience for new potential volunteers and get the most out of our time. We had over 20 excellent applications from all over Chapter1’s (our sister charity) housing projects; from Liverpool to Southampton, and London to Cornwall.

From these we were able to invite 20 potential volunteers to two selection days, one being run in Exeter and one in London. As always the selection days were great to be involved in, with very impressive levels of energy and motivation from all! It was a very hard process, but we eventually decided upon 10 volunteers who have now been formally offered their provisional places for the 2013 trip.

 Volunteers commitment

This is where the real work starts. Those volunteers must meet tight deadlines and show full commitment to their offer if they are to step on the plane next February. Good Luck everyone !

Applicants past

All of those who applied have experienced homelessness in one form or another and each had a personal testimony of overcoming huge challenges to get them to the point of being able to apply for the trip. Even more challenges lie ahead both the preparation and the impact of the trip itself.