Big turn out for the African Meal!

The new resources centre will hold the new school library and new offices for the teaching staff. We are so grateful for all your help and support which has enabled this to become a reality.

John McCallum : a TABS trustee and friend

The Resource Centre in School of Hope was dedicated in memory of John McCallum, a Tabs Trustee and friend. John had a great sense of humour but also a heart for those in need. He has supported Tabs International for many years as a church member of All Saints Bedworth, encouraging the church to support financially the school on a regular basis and he personally welcomed becoming a Trustee some few years ago.

Last trip for John

We had planned that John would join us on this last trip (his first trip), sadly that was not meant to be as John passed away in July. John loved to see the school growing and was active in using his fundraising skills with our Chair Rachel Sanders as they sought outside funding, Johns work will continue as we seek to make the school sustainable over the next few years. We will miss his humour and his lunches at our meetings, but we are so thankful to God for having known him!!