Sad news in Kiandutu

It is with great sadness we learnt that Bishop David had passed away. It was his tenacity and vision that made the partnership between TABS and Kiandutu a reality. He will be greatly missed by his friends and family and the communities he supported over the years. He was a man of faith with a big heart for the poor and disadvantaged

TABS community projects

TABS Kenya is a partnership that lies at the heart of TABS International. We believe that local people on the ground are best equipped to make decisions about the community projects we are involved in. It has been wonderful to get news from TABS Kenya and the recent trustee visit to the school. They have some great ideas for future sustainability.

TABS and Grange School partnership

A partnership is being developed between Grange School ,Warmley South Gloucestershire and the first project TABS were involved in in one of the Nairobi slums. Now a thriving school and community centre that offers a range of services to the local community. Curriculum links are being made in horti- culture and landbased activities.