The school now has classes at the following levels;

Baby, nursery 1, nursery 2, pre-unit and year 1

There are structured lessons in English, Swahili, Mathematics, Science.

Piped water into the school is used for the cooking but also hand-washing before lunch and after using the latrine.

Increasing staff members

  • 2 Teachers
  • 2 Nursery Teachers
  • Cook, Pastor
  • Night Security

The recent project visit in-cluded spending time at the School in Kiandutu and experiencing a very unique ‘end of term assembly’. Some of the parents were able to attend and were thrilled to receive a Report Card showing the progress of their child.

School numbers have increased and standards have raised considerably

Whilst there, Trustees pur- chased new teaching aids and gifts of toys donated from Eng- land for the pre nursery class were distributed.

Spring Hope Project flourishing

As the Spring of Hope Project continues to flourish staffing levels have increased. The current needs are many but education remains the priority of the community, with parents expressing their thanks for the opportunity to send their children to the project. Pastor Ian continues to work within the community to seek ways of improving conditions within Kiandutu. The provision of a carpentry work-shop is the next venture for him and his team. Our new Kenyan Trustees will support Pastor Ian in this venture. We left several useful carpentry tools donated by supporters of TABS which were well received.

The Anglican Church in Thika have a Community Development Trust and Trustees, with project Staff met to discuss the opportunity to access micro finance through credit provision, much like our Credit Unions here in England. If successful this will fund a Chicken/Rabbit rearing program for both the school and community members.