All Saints Church, Bedworth are throwing their vicar, Rev. Dr. Richard Hare, off the church roof

No they are not tired of his sermons; it is to raise money for TABS International and he will be harnessed with all the correct ‘health and safety’ procedures in place.

This rather extreme sport, which could catch on and become a trend in other parishes, is part of a Family Fun Day to take place 15th September.

Family Fun Day events

There will be a variety of stalls and refreshments including a teddy toboggan for children to enter their teddies into the race. The fastest teddy wins the race. So get your teddies into training now and enter the competition.

All Saints Church suporting the school in Kiandutu

All Saints church have been supporting the school in Kiandutu for 2 years now, through various fundraising activities and the money raised has contributed to the staff salaries at the school.

pupils of the school. He is able to attend school and also is guaranteed a nutritional meal at least once a day. School offers him a safe place to be, a place to play and to learn. But other children in the slum do not yet attend school.

We need your continued help to give more children the opportunity that this young boy has – see over for an exciting opportunity to develop the school.